Meg and Lewis

We first fell head over heels for Meg and Lewis when they enquired in December 2020.

Queen of style and organisation sensation, Meg, had seen our portfolio on socials and therefore knew exactly what she wanted. A natural palette, a modern vibe. Luxury, elegance and decadence – something we were more than happy to create for her!

There was only one…small…issue. COVID. Believe me when I say this couple could not have handled their two postponements with more patience and understanding! Ultimately, it defined their want to make the wedding experience as memorable as possible.

They decided to book out Spicers Guesthouse, exclusively. Every room and every space.

This allowed Meg and Lewis to take their guests on a truly inspiring journey with one exquisite step after another. Originally, they had chosen the outdoor, freestanding chapel for their ceremony, but on this drizzly day, they opted for the (indoor) Lovedale Chapel, instead. The expansive room fit all their guests and their epic floral instalment perfectly. The natural colours of the flora complimented the monochrome colour scheme of the wedding party and gave Meg’s gown space to truly shine.

Post ceremony, guests gathered outside the chapel, headed to one of our custom-built bars for a cocktail, then grazed on a charcuterie board around our signature high tables, while the wedding party snuck away for some photos. On their return, Meg and Lewis mingled with their guests, making the most of the space before moving into the main restaurant for dinner.

We converted each room of the restaurant into unique zones for guests to relax, chat, dance, drink in solace and mingle. Each space was brought to life with iconic floral instalments, softening the edges of the restaurant and amplifying the tone of the day. Relaxed, fun, elegant.

One of our favourite parts of Meg and Lewis’ wedding (okay fine, we were obsessed with all of it) was their party favour for each guest. Being Penfolds, Lewis’ parents organised delicious bottles of wine, in sleek black wine bags with custom name tags for each guest to take as a memento of the evening. If we were them, we would have wanted to open the bottle once we got back to our room!

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