Here are some of our frequently asked questions, if you have any specific questions please get in touch!

Hire FAQs

We zip up and down the coastline every weekend! You can usually spot our signature pieces anywhere between the Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Sydney, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Port Stephens. We regularly travel beyond these boundaries, so please feel free to touch base with us regardless of your location.

We do! In order to cover the minimum of services required to keep our hire team rolling we have a minimum $300 hire starting point for both hires being picked up and also those being delivered. Crab Apple Hire offers everything you could possibly need to style the event of your dreams.

Our delivery fees are a reflection of where we’re going and how much we’re taking there. We consider the location of your event, the volume of your order and a few other important factors like:

The time it takes to load the truck, the time it takes to unload your order once we have arrived, travel time – to and from your venue or location, return travel to collect your hire items, reloading the truck, travel back to our warehouse and unloading the truck again.

For example, our average delivery to the Hunter Valley, which includes all of the above, is 8 hours total, plus fuel and truck expenses.

Sure! We are more than happy for you to collect and return small orders. We consider each request for collection individually, dependant on the items you’re hiring. If you’re considering this option, please touch base with us to check if your order is eligible and chat through the process.

Please note:

– Item collection is available from 12pm on the Wednesday prior to your event and must be returned by the following Tuesday by 4pm. Our pickup and drop off hours are between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. We do not operate this service on Saturdays and Sundays unless special arrangements have been made well and truly in advance.

– To ensure our hire items are kept safe, we ask that all hires be transported in a covered vehicle, for example a van or truck. Please respect trailers are not an acceptable mode of transport and will not be allowed under any circumstances.

– When undertaking collection, you accept full responsibility for pickup, including but not limited to lifting and loading all hire items, organising safe and appropriate transportation, and providing and using straps, blankets, and tarpaulins as protection for hire items. We are not liable for any damages to hire items during pickup or transport, nor for any injuries sustained during the process.

– If you are unable to load, unload and pack your order alone, we will happily supply assistance at a labour fee of $60.00 per hour, per staff member. Please give us 7 days notice if you will require this additional service.

– While we will prepare hire items before your arrival, it is your responsibility to ensure all hire items are packed onto your mode of transport safely. We will not offer refunds for any items that are missed, forgotten or not loaded for any reason during self-collection.

– Please ensure you come prepared. If you arrive without the necessary protective gear, including blankets and straps, we will charge a rental fee to hire these items.

– Please let us know your preferred time for pickup so that we can have your items prepped and ready to go!

– To avoid late fees, please ensure all items are returned within the above-mentioned timeframes.

Address for pickup is 7-11 Harrison Street, Maryville.

While our delivery drivers DO consider themselves Jack’s of all trades, we’ve found it best to leave them to the heavy lifting! (Aka their styling is laughable.)

Usually, we deliver your items (including décor) to a safe and secure location, so your stylist or planner can work their magic.

However, there are some furniture items our team will need to assemble for you onsite, including arbours, backdrops, and large items.

Please note: we do need someone to direct us on where those items should be placed. We can also provide custom quotes for chair set up – one less thing you have to worry about!

We sure do! We take a non-refundable booking fee upfront to secure your selected items on your preferred dates. This booking fee is equal to 30% of your overall quote. Once you’ve accepted your quote online and paid the non-refundable booking fee, we can guarantee your exclusive use of our hire items. Woo Hoo!

Down to the nitty gritty!

Cancellations 1 month – 14 days prior to event will be eligible for a partial refund.

Cancellations within 14 days prior to your event will be entitled to a refund of pickup and delivery fees only. The hire items dollar amount will not be refunded as this will be considered a loss of opportunity.

Please note:

– All refunds granted will be less the 30% upfront booking fee.

– All refunds will incur a $95 administration fee. All refunds will be less this amount.

– Our upfront non-refundable booking fee remains non-refundable at all times.

– Non-refundable booking fees can be transferred to new date within 18 months of the original date. If postponing to a new date further than 18 months away, your original booking fee will be forfeited and a new booking fee will be required.

Unfortunately, not. Your booking fee always remains non-refundable and non-transferrable, as it ensures exclusive use of your selected hire items, preventing other clients from hiring them on your selected dates. We hope you can understand that it’s important for us to mitigate our loss of income to keep our little, old business afloat.

We want to make things nice and easy for you. The (70%) balance of your invoice isn’t due until one month before your event date. If your booking is made within the month, full (100%) payment is due upon acceptance of your quote.

You can request your hire item arrival time 1 month prior to your event! It’s simple and super easy. We’ll send you a Client Booking Form, where you can let us know your preferred delivery time, best on the day contacts and any important venue access notes. Then, we’ll touch base 1 week before your event to finalise the information and instructions you’ve given us.

Please note: all delivery times allow a two hour window.

Great news! All bookings via Crab Apple Hire include a damage waiver. This covers general cleaning like upholstery marks or stains because of people having a great time at your event. (We get it, you’re fun!)

However, if a hire item is unreturned, broken or damaged beyond repair, we will charge you the value of a replacement item and you will be required to make full payment within 7 days.

If an item is damaged but repairable, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of repairs and you will be required to make full payment within 7 days.

Upholstered hire items that are returned particularly dirty will be cleaned professionally at our warehouse. You will be invoiced for the total cost of the professional clean.

Styling FAQs

YES! It’s our absolute pleasure to help you create the day of your dreams! We much prefer for your style and design to evolve with your budget in mind! We like to give you an estimate and make it easy for you to prioritise your areas of styling as your day comes closer.

Let us explain! We divide your floral arrangements into a few different areas – Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception – then break those areas down into key elements. For example: hanging instalments, table arrangements and so on. Generally, the more areas you use and the bigger your space is, the more flowers required. If you would like to find areas to save, we can chat about suggestions to lower your spend throughout the course of your planning. We pride ourselves on our signature style and will always give you the best value for the money you spend.

Of course! If you’ve got a strict budget in mind, the sooner you share it with us the better! We’re always transparent with our clients, giving realistic expectations, getting super creative and helping them achieve the biggest impact, regardless of their spend.

We’ve come to realise that tastes evolve over time, and we don’t want to see you commit to a particular style you might want to change, closer to your date. While we can make creative suggestions based on your style and what’s in season, you might want to go in a completely different direction. Please know that we will ALWAYS source the highest quality seasonal flowers for you!

Of course! We know that your needs can change over time and we’re more than happy to adapt to them.

Ask them whenever and however often you like! Send us an email, give us a call, or come and visit us in studio. We’re always here to help!

Unfortunately, not. When you book our Styling Service, we allocate our time and resources to you exclusively, which means we turn away all other enquiries interested in your date. Your booking fee also covers our time spent on design, administration, and preparation in the lead up to your event. Unfortunately, our investment of time and resources cannot be recouped, meaning your booking fee remains non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Floral FAQs

In a few simple, easy steps!

First off, pop through an enquiry via our contact form. Be sure to list your event date so we can get back to you nice and quickly with our availability.

If we’re available on your event date, we’ll send through a link to our questionnaire for you to fill out and return (or you can complete it now! – click here to complete). When you’re submitting your completed questionnaire, you can either book a consultation to discuss your preferences or request a quote based on your responses.

Soon, you will receive a quote! It will either be based on the discussion you have had with your Floral Designer during your Floral Consultation, or a guide, based on your initial questionnaire responses, that will prompt you to book your consultation.

After receiving your quote, you are welcome to request changes or amendments and your Floral Designer will update your quote accordingly.

If you are happy with your quote, simply accept it! Shortly after, you will receive an invoice outlining payment details for your booking fee. Once your booking fee is paid, your date is secured, and our work begins!

Your final balance will be due, in full, one month before your wedding date.

Please note:

– Small changes can be made to your order up until one month from your wedding date. Once your final balance has been paid, there may be no further changes accepted as this is the cut off for all floral orders. Once the order has been made, it cannot be changed or refunded.

– Your Floral Designer will touch base with you one week before your wedding. We will confirm arrival and delivery times during this conversation.

We wish! Each of our quotes is equally as unique as the event they’re designed for. This means each event is quoted separately, reflecting a few factors including: style, size, floral varieties, designs and colour palettes.

All flowers are priced differently and it’s important we factor those costs into our quote, so you can have a realistic expectation and understanding of your overall floral spend. If you would like to get an idea of pricing before enquiring, you are more than welcome to browse over our brochure.

Great question! Floral consultations are a crucial part of our process, as they align your vision with your Floral Designer’s creation. Starting off on the same page is what makes the end result so magic.

The timing of a floral consultations is different for everyone!

Some people like to book their consultation immediately after submitting their questionnaire, as they like talking through their preferences, getting ideas from their Floral Designer and discussing unique ways to take full advantage of their venue space, bring their vision to life and stick to a budget. During this conversation, we discuss wedding party size, guest numbers and whether the reception will be cocktail or seated. Then, your Floral Designer will create a quote, accurate to everything you have covered during that consultation. Simple, easy, stress free!

Some people are super organised and have all that tricky information sorted out already. They usually prefer to fill out their questionnaire, receive an accurate quote based on their responses and then use their consultation afterwards, to review each item and make small tweaks where necessary.

Of course! Small changes can be made up until one month prior to your wedding, when your final balance is due. Small changes include tweaks such as: altering the number of bouquets or buttonholes or adding table flowers!

A month out from your wedding is the cut off for all designs to be finalised and orders to be placed. Therefore, we request no changes be made after this time.

Please note:

– If you have a change of heart and choose to go in a completely different direction and with an alternative colour palette to what was originally discussed, it’s okay! We can work with you to make something new. However, such a large change will mean a complete redesign and with that comes an additional fee.

– Large changes can occur any time before your final payment, 1 month before your wedding date.

Sure! During your consultation, we’ll discuss styles, themes, colour palettes and seasonal varieties. It’s important that you’re open and honest about flowers and colours you do and don’t like so we can shape your designs around your preferences.

Please note:

– While we will do our absolute best to secure your favourite flower types, we cannot make any specific guarantees for floral varieties due to fluctuations in market availability and quality. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control!

Unfortunately, not. Seasonal availability and resource restrictions prior to your wedding day means we cannot do a mock-up of your bouquet. But, it’s not all bad news! We can (and will) discuss the shape, style, colour and floral varieties found in bouquets you’ve seen and loved, so when we do create your bouquet it will be perfectly unique to you!

Graphic FAQs

You better believe it! We have a super popular bundle and save offer – the more items you order, the more cash you save.

Please note:

– All items must be ordered in the same transactions to be eligible for our bundle and save offer.

– Our bundle and save discount will apply per group item. For example, 3 X table numbers is one item and will not receive a discount on its own.

Of course! Aesthetics are everything! Just ask us, we’ll scream it from the rooftops. If you can supply us with the fonts and exact colours you’ve used, we can mimic them throughout your designs. Otherwise, we can design with your existing stationary in mind to achieve a cohesive look and feel.

We love being inspired and inspiring others, although we avoid copying at all costs. We can recreate designs we have made for previous clients, absolutely. We’re also happy to create something inspired by a picture of someone else’s work, but we’ll be sure to put our own spin on it to make sure it’s unique to you and to us!

Yes, yes, 1000 times yes! We have uploaded our most popular deigns to our online shop for your viewing pleasure. If your dreams are a little different, please touch base and we can create something custom, just for you!

Of course! There are no surprises. Once we receive an order, we will always send you an artwork proof to be approved prior to production.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from when you submit your order (depending on your order and whether we have the required materials in stock – if they need something by a particular date please get in touch first to ensure it is possible).

During this time, we will create a mockup artwork and email it straight to you. Once you approve this artwork, please allow up to 10 business days for us to prepare your order for shipping. Shipping times will vary with location, please allow 2-5 days to business receive your order.

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